Videos, on Facebook blur and won't play

I am about to remove Brave from my computer. It seems your updates cause more problems, for me, than help. First, it was not being able to make Youtube videos full screen. Now, some videos, on Facebook, just blur out and won’t play. Why should I use this browser, when I can actually see these things on another browser?

Hello @seniord60,
Apologize this happened to you.

Can you also share:

  • Your Brave version from about:brave
  • Your operating system
  • And screenshot of the Facebook issue would also help
  • Also, is it happens only on Facebook?

Are you sure you’re not blocking access for fullscreen? Brave should ask for your permission when site want to do fullscreen for the first time.

You can check Preferences > Security > Saved site permission. There should be Fullscreen access section and look for YouTube there. If it’s denied, you can click X next to YT URL to remove it. And YT should ask your permission again.


Where do I find “preferences”? But, that doesn’t address the blurred videos… Why do updates for other browsers not cause these problems. I shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to operate this browser.

You’re absolutely right! You should not have to jump through hoops to use our product. Brave has gone through many shifts and changes throughout the development process. The most notable being out switch from a Muon based build to a Chromium based build (read here if you’re interested in learning more about this).

We currently have a Developer Build (basically early access/preview) of Brave 1.0 that we plan on launching this year. This build will eliminate many of those hoops you continue to jump through as well as add additional functionality to the browser that wasn’t available before (eg extension support).

I would highly recommend downloading and trying the Developer Build of Brave. It can be installed in parallel with your current version of Brave (so you don’t have to worry about uninstalling or losing any information - in fact you can import all your previous Brave info into the Developer Build in just a few seconds).

Oh! Just so you know, the preferences option in the current release of Brave (the one you’re having issues with) can be found here: