Videos on don't load with shields enabled


They might sometimes load if the shields are down, but when you try to load any video on that site, sometimes it says “Failed: Setup took longer than 30 seconds” or other times it just says “Error, please refresh the page”. Sometimes after that it doesn’t say anything, the video is just a gray screen.

Brave version: 0.16.9
Operating system: Windows 10
Shield settings: I’ve fiddled with them a lot, it only works with shields completely off
To replicate: Visit site and attempt to watch a video (


I see your problem and I can confirm that the same thing is happening on iOS too, the ads seems to be blocked by the Adblock, I will see what I can do :wink: Might need to hand over this to @luke.mulks but I will try to see if I can do it :hugs:


I created an issue for it here on github:

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