Videos often autoplay even if blocked


On some sites (unfortunately on my favourite news portal) videos play even though I have blocked this feature in the Brave settings. I have limited mobile data to use. Today alone I’ve lost 70 megabytes, unfortunately I will be forced to use another browser if the situation continues (of course I will be very sad as Brave is a great app…). My phone is xiaomi, if this information is relevant. Problems with autoplay started two or three days ago, I haven’t updated the browser before the issue appeared, as I have had the latest mobile version for weeks.
Thank you for your attention. Brave rules!

Videos autoplay even if blocked

cc @LaurenWags to take a look on this.


Could you share the site where you see the issue? If you don’t want to post, you can message it to me directly. Click on my name and then the message button to open a message with me.



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