Videos not playing


I am unable to get videos to play on popular sites like espn. I am able to do so with other browsers. Please suggest a solution


Do you have flash enabled in preferences?


Yes, flash is enabled.


I reloaded Brave browser and made sure Flash is enabled but still can’t play videos (on msnbc for example). Any thoughts?


How determine if Flash is enabled? I went to plugins and only found “enable Flash support”.


@huprich. if you enable the flash swtich then browser allows flash to run.


How do I find the switch? I have turned on "flash support " under “plugins” but can’t find how to see if Flash is enabled.


@huprich if you have turned on flash support that means flash is allowed to run on your browser. You can visit to see if flash works.


I am having problems with this too. I enable flash but when you click on an espn video it tries to start but won’t. I don’t know if it is because every video starts with an ad and Brave is having a tough time recognizing if it is an ad or video???


Espn videos come with a pre-roll ad which is blocked by the adblocker. If you turn off adblocker then the video plays.

cc: @luke.mulks


Totally understand. This gets to interesting use cases of the browser. Want ads and tracking blocked pervasively, but there might be cases where some ads are tolerated to view video content.

Is there a way to possibly permit an element (ex. ESPN video) to be excluded from ad blocking?

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