Videos/input problems


Videos won’t play on my HP laptop.
I can not input info from my keyboard on many sites, like trying to sign in to my on line banking.
These were not problems until very recently.
Thanks for fixing the right click copy/paste function.


Hello @britzklieg,

In order to investigate this issue, we’ll need some more detailed information from you. You can see what we’re looking for when investigating a bug here.
Once you have the info, feel free to edit your post or reply on this thread with the necessary information and we’d be happy to help get to the bottom of your issue :slight_smile:


I know nothing about code. All I know is that within the past week or so videos will not play and I can not input log on or other info from my keyboard. These problems did not exist previously. I guess I’ll go back to firefox. Thanks anyway.


There’s no code required! Here’s all you have to do:

  1. Describe your issue (the more detail the better)
  2. How do you make this bug occur? We usually call this the “steps to reproduce” For example, if I encountered an issue where the copy and paste function wasn’t working, the steps to reproduce might look something like:
  • Open Brave Browser
  • Go to any website (tested on,,
  • Highlight any text on the page
  • Right-click and select copy (or hit CTRL+C)
  • Click in another text box
  • Right click- and select paste (or hit CTRL + V)

Then, tell us what happens (as opposed to what should happen) and provide us with your Brave version information (this can be done by going to the URL bar and typing about:brave - feel free to copy and paste this). That’s it. Not too bad, right? Hopefully this helps, thank you for supporting Brave :slight_smile:


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