Videos are freezing/stuttering/lagging/etc. in Brave on Android


Videos on e.g. Reddit and YouTube are not watchable using the Brave broswer. Also, text areas into which I type on sites such as YouTube and Reddit do not work properly.

When I backspace (delete a previously typed character) the text field freezes in the text areas. The changes (characters deleted) are visible only when I click another button on the keyboard, but just pressing backspace keeps the text field frozen no matter how many characters are being deleted. YouTube videos don’t freeze when I scroll the page as the video is playing.

This is specific to the Brave browser on Android as the things work properly on other browsers (Samsung Internet and Chrome).

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Maybe related Video playback stuttering

Disabling Vulkan in brave://flags was a work around. I would test Brave Nightly also.

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This seems to have removed the problem. I will mark it as the answer at a later point though if I don’t encounter the problem again (in the next two week max.). Thank you!

Edit: Seeing you’re officially affiliated with Brave, I will jump straight to marking your suggestion as the solution as it both solved my issue and is from a credible source.

I want to add that this has been an issue at least some 3 months ago already for me, but I’ve not had a phone for the past 3 months so I didn’t post anything about it (I’ve lost my phone 3 months ago).

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