Video won't play even with shields down--missing plugin


Brave 0.12.15 on Mac OS 10.11.6.

Video does not play and just displays “couldn’t load plugin” (with no indication of which plugin is missing) from URL even with shields down for this site.

The video does play without difficulty from Chrome with Disconnect plugin working.

Video is working generally on Brave, and I have successfully installed Flash.


Hi @rsloan. i am able to view the video with shields down. Could you please check if flash is enabled in settings page under security?


“Enable Adobe Flash Support” is on in my settings, and Flash works on Brave’s suggested test page.

But this page gives me the missing plugin complaint.


Hello, I’m new Brave user. So far this browser looks pretty good and incredibly fast. But I have one specific problem using Youtube built in feature on forum I attend. Instead of video shown, there is notification: “Can’t load plugin.”. There is no difference with shields up or down. I also successfuly instaled flash. This isue is only present on forum, videos on other sites are played normaly. What seems to be a problem? I hope to get some feedback from you.

Here is screenshot, “Vtičnika ni bilo mogoče naložiti.” mean “Cant load plugin.”

And link where nonfunctional plugin is:

Thanks in advice and best regards.

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