Video Url Context menu


Hello, loving the browser so far and I think some minor QOL adjustments could really improve daily browsing functions.

One of them being the ability to grab a direct URL from videos being played. In Google Chrome you can right click on any video and it brings up a context menu with various options specific for videos such as “Save video as”, and most importantly “Copy Video Address”.

For a user such as myself who streams a lot of media content but prefers to watch it in a separate video player(potplayer), grabbing the video URL is essential and currently there is NO way to do this in the brave browser preventing me from using it regularly.


You can right click the copy the url by selecting the option “Copy link location” :slight_smile:


Every video I have clicked on has not had that option available.


I see the problem. After a rough look-up, I shall conclude that despite based on chromium, Brave doesn’t have the feature that you’re mentioning. I’m a regular user & not a dev. All I can do is hope that the video download feature shall be included in in future.

Regards :slight_smile:


However,If you wish to, I could suggest a bunch of external resources/sites that are focused just for downloading video format stuff. Videos from Youtube/facebook/insta/adult sites/anime sites/crunchyroll… can be downloaded via third party sites as well :slight_smile:


It’s okay I have some I use but thanks for the help.:slight_smile:


Hello !
It would be super useful since it already exists for images
but not for videos ! ( Chrome is left and Brave is right )

That would be great ! :kissing_heart: