Video streamers don't work on brave

I can’t stream videos from any video players on for example, it says “Brave browser does not support our player. Please try with other browsers such as Chrome or Firefox”. I’ve googled about it and found a few old brave community posts about it saying that the problem would be fixed within 24 hours, I don’t know if it’s the same issue or if it’s something else, my brave build is 1.57.47. Anyone know a fix to this?

Works fine for me. Maybe make sure you check your Shields settings and all?

Maybe check out:

weird… I have all the same settings as you but it still won’t work for me

@Siqius five things I want you to tell me.

  1. Did you make sure to update at brave://components as mentioned in my one link?

  2. Do you have any extensions? (If so, they might be the issue)

  3. Can you try in Private Window and see if issue occurs?

  4. Can you create a new profile and test if issue happens there as well?

  5. Are you using a VPN or proxy by chance?

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