Video starts playing on unminimize


My setup is Lenovo B50-30 laptop, Intel Pentium QC processor, Ubuntu MATE 17.10, I installed Brave from built in snaps.

This is from about:brave
|Brave 0.19.131|
|rev da2f347|
|Muon 4.5.36|
|libchromiumcontent 63.0.3239.132|
|Node.js 7.9.0|
|Update Channel Release|
|OS Platform Linux|
|OS Release 4.13.0-31-generic|
|OS Architecture x64|

I usually open a couple of YouTube tabs and then open one by one, video starts playing once I switch to that tab. That works as intended, but here is the issue, if I minimize Brave to the taskbar and unminimize it, all the videos start playing.

Steps for recreation:

  1. open a couple of videos via right_click -> Open New Tab
  2. minimize Brave
  3. unminimize Brave

Here is a .gif:

Sorry for the low quality and the glitch when it gets unminimized, I recorded it with byzanz a couple of times, and .gif glitched every time when unminimizing. If you know of a better program let me know so I can rerecord it.

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