Video sites not working after update

had to upload to youtube and link since it’s saved as a .mov file which can’t upload directly here - just getting going for the day, so this is the result after computer has been put to sleep for the night

And to confirm, you’ve disabled Privacy badger/other extensions in the browser, tried this and got the same result?

i have, no change there

If you download Brave Beta uses a seperate profile. Try testing with no extensions in Brave Beta

Do you happen to have video autoplay disabled? It seems to disable autoplay of videos but also stops any effort to make a video play. I’ve had to disable it for every site I visit with a video I want to watch.

this issue has occurred with autoplay active and disabled depending on the streaming site

@fanboynz has a good idea — can you please download the Beta build and test to see if you get the same behavior there? Note that it will not overwrite any of your current installation/data, it will run separately.

:+1: At rehearsal, can do later today when back home!

No change really; I updated the macOS to Monterey and we’ll see if that makes a difference? :person_shrugging:

update: after downloading macOS monterey (v 12.2), this issue seems to have fixed itself?

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