Video Reinitialize After Phone Lock & No Facebook Comment On Replay

Phone Used ===> Samsung Galaxy S9+

1- First Issue: I hate the fact that when your screen go to sleep mode or screen locked, the video you were watching reinitialize and starts from beginning.

2- Second Issue: Impossible to watch a replay Facebook video with all comments showing up on the video itself. To see the comments you have to go under the video. Very difficult to use (not friendly user)

Note: I’ll revise my review if the issue is fixed.

Hello @Zcisse, thanks for sharing this with us. Have you updated to the most recent version? Is this still an issue for you?

Yes nothing has changed since then.
I uninstalled and reinstalled it but still the same.
Please help.

Hello again @Zcisse, have you tried by deleting cookies and cache? or going to settings > site settings > enable protected content This might resolve your streaming or video issues. Hope it helps. Regards.

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