Video playback was stuttering but fixed it. have a question though

video playback was stuttering on linux wayland. worked fine on xorg.

i soldved this issue using the --video-threads= flag set to 4. i have no idea what i’m doing though. is this safe? can anyone tell me what range of values this is supposed to be and what this flag does?

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Thanks for reaching out.
Admittedly I do not have a ton of experience with threading and/or this particular flag but I’m assuming it is specifying the number of threads used when decoding video content. AFAIK, the value set here should correspond with the number of cores your machine is using.

I do not think there is any risk to you here. I would recommend trying to disable Hardware Acceleration instead of using this command line flag though to see if it resolves the issue (Settings --> System --> Hardware Acceleration).

thanks, i’d rather keep acceleration on for performance. i actually have 4 cores i think. so brave set the number of cores incorrectly? crazy

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If I understand correctly, if a specific value isn’t set, then the default behavior is to let the system decide the optimal number of threads to use.

And it’s always changing dynamically?

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