Video playback stuttering

Description of issue: Video playback stuttering since Brave browser update 4 days ago. Video stutters bad but audio comes through fine. The video will playback like normal if I scroll the page constantly or if I play in full screen mode.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Play any video on YouTube
  2. Play any video imbed on sites

Expected result: expected result is a video that plays without stuttering or any glitches.

Brave Version( check About Brave): 1.21.77

Mobile Device details: Samsung Galaxy S9+.

Additional Information: none.


Sample video causing stuttering? does adjusting resolution make a difference? Try testing Brave beta (via the play store) also. @BLACKPANTHERVII

Sorry not able to provide a sample video on mobile. It happens across multiple resolutions also. It literally does it to all videos played through the Brave browser though every other application plays videos fine. Not sure what happened in the recent update this week but it definitely has done something to video playback.


So went and downloaded the beta version of the application and it does it also but say if I use the bing or Edge application I have no issues at all playing videos. Even typing now and then I noticed at least on this site looks buggy and will stop showing new words I have written but they are there if I scroll the page a bit.

hi, i can confirm the issue since a couple weeks ago. playing embedded video on the same URL in chrome @ android, i have no spikes whatsoever. reinstall of brave did not help

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Happening for me also. Youtube videos stutter in portrait mode, play fine in landscape mode. Also play fine in full screen mode.
Galaxy s9

Same problem here since the last update.

Also galaxy s9

It doesn’t happen on full screen video mode.

My OpenPlus 6 (which has the same Qualcomm specs of a S9), has no issues with playback of 4k/1440p/1080p youtube content. Using “Simple System Monitor” App to check cpu/gpu usage, I got around on average 30-45% CPU and 20-25% GPU usage on 4k youtube content.

That said, disabling cosmetic filtering via brave://flags may help performance, see if that helps.

I have the same problem on a Samsung Galaxy S9+.
Brave 1.21.77

Video freezes, sound OK. Dragging or moving up and down keeps the video working. Stop moving and it freezes.

I also have the problem when inputting on forms, where it will stop displaying what I am typing. If I tap on the box again or move the page, the letters then appear! I am thinking both issues are probably related? Something feels laggy!

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Appears to be the same with the Cosmetic filtering disabled in brave://flags

OK, so I was going to do a screen recording of what happens with the video pausing. However, when I turn on the screen recording app, the video then plays perfectly fine, no pauses!

EDIT: I have just installed the Nightly and it seems to have the same problem with the video freezing. Full screening YouTube works fine as others have said.

Can’t reply more than 3 times to a post so editing here.

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Hi, i have the same problem on a Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Brave version 1.21.77

I tested several things but nothing works

I noticed in if I put the application in “windows mode” it works well. the problem is that in portrait mode.

I do not understand…

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Does Nightly work better? (via the google play store)

it’s the same on beta and nightly (Google play store)

I have this exact problem. It doesn’t bother me usually since I listen more than watch but it does make some video unusable.

On an S9+, which seems like a trend.

I’m suffering this issue too and it so annoying. I was going to post a issue about this and came to this topic.

I’ve already tried to reinstall all over again multiple times. I’m using Samsung galaxy Note 9, latest OS firmware.

P/s: I uploaded on Youtube, here is the link:


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Same issue on Note 9. Uninstalled in the end. Shame. Anyone find solution?

Thanks for the video @anhblt , does the playback issue occur in Chrome also?

What versions of Android is everyone using?

Okay, seems to be affecting Chrome also. We’re waiting on further upstream updates to see if this is resolved

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@fanboynz my chrome works fine, the video plays normally. I’ll upload another video to demonstrate. Thanks you very much for your response!

P/s: I uploaded video to show you chrome and brave at the same time. Here is the link:

P/s2: Also here is my OS version

p/s3: here is chrome and brave version, already updated on CH Play

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