Video Playback Issue on Streaming Sites


On certain site when I’m trying to play video, I either can’t am not allowed to press play (I keep clicking it but it doesn’t respond), or the video plays and I cannot interact with the time bar, play button, full screen button, etc.


Hi @jjpurganan,

Is this on desktop or mobile (Android or iOS)? For now, I assumed it for desktop, so, first lest check something.

  • Did you have Site isolation enabled in Preferences/Settings > Security?

Also, if you can, please provide more info like your Brave version, OS, and sites that have this issue.

Thank you,



I did have “Site Isolation” enabled at first, and then I disabled it. After I disabled it, things seem to work now.

However, for the Crunchyroll website, whenever I press the “fullscreen” button, it doesn’t bring things to fullscreen.

Instead, it just shows up as a blank screen. The current Brave version I’m using is 0.23.19 on Mac OSX 10.13.5 High Sierra.

Thank you