Video playback glitch after un-suspending screen

I’ve also noticed this bug on the Mac desktop nightly build, but less often b/c desktops don’t go to sleep as often. When I turn the screen back on after the device goes to “sleep,” videos play back with a green bar added to the bottom on some frames. The way it happens most often is on & where there’s a green bar @ the bottom of the video player that flickers in & out of existence. Once or twice there was a solid green bar.

To reproduce this issue:

  1. Start playing a video
  2. Pause the video
  3. Put the device to sleep or wait for it to go to sleep on its own
  4. Wake the device up
  5. Un-pause the video
  6. If the glitch doesn’t appear, try again.

It seems to happen more often on, but also occassionally on youtube or other sites. There is also sometimes a smaller white bar to the right instead of the green bar on the bottom.

I did another test. You may need to make the the video full screen before sleeping & contine playing windowed after waking the device up.

If you turn off Hardware acceleration, does it help?

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