Video playback 1080p (YouTube) very inefficient

I just downloaded and tried Brave due to YouTube and their ad blocking blockade.

  1. Default case, w/o changing anything after installing, is using hardware (GPU) acceleration. That pegged the GPU at 100% (Nvidia 3070) that no other video ever has done in any player. It is not viable to use when it is causing my computer to a) be loud and b) consume 200+ watts more than it should.
  2. I switched off the hardware (GPU) acceleration and it still consumed about 20-40w more than Firefox or Edge do on the same videos.

This should be far more efficient in video playback than it is by default and shouldn’t require any extra codecs or extensions to make right in 2023 with VP9 or AV1 encoded video streaming.


  • EVGA Z390 FTW motherboard
  • Intel I9-9900K
  • Zotak GTX-3070
  • 32 GB RAM
  • Win 11 Pro, fully up to date

Some extra information. W/o the GPU accel., 4k (24, 25, or 30 fps) all seem to stream fine. I get problems with the GPU accel with 1080p 60 fps streams especially. They drop frames in non accelerated mode and consume the whole GPU when accelerated.

I really do not understand that.

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