Video not playing


When trying to view live tv online from the cable company (Spectrum) i get this message

It has nothing to do with the cable company because the video playback works perfectly fine on both Chrome and FireFox… and yes, i did click on “allow” when the Flash notification came up


Do you have fingerprinting enabled for the site? Does it load if you try disabling fingerprint if its set?

Could you open the dev tools by pressing F12 and take a screenshot of the console tab.


My laptop does not have fingerprinting capabilities.

Below is a screenshot of the console tab


Fingerprint protection is a feature on the browser. Click the lion head on the top right corner and check what the setting is for Fingerprint setting. Could you take a screenshot of the entire console log ?


the fingerprinting is set at “Block all fingerprinting”. I switched it to the other two options and still I get the video unavailable message.

Below is a screenshot of the entire console log


Ok should have asked this before but is Flash enabled in your browser?


yes, i clicked on “allow”


i have same problem. i have checked all the items suggested to @bryfry9000 in the string below. still not working. It does work in Chrome and Edge.


@bryfry9000 & @djstaresinic Perhaps one of the reasons could be HTML5 video format since the your Live TV works on FireFox & Chrome without any issue. However, a look from Devs would be great.


@bryfry9000 I have logged an issue for this. You can track it here. We might need your help in testing the fix so please track the issue


I am having the same problem with the site. Tried all fixes giving to bryfry9000 nothing works. Spectrum App works fine on chrome


Hi @allenws3000

The linked issue is still open and has not been resolved yet.




Do you have any indications when the bug will be fixed?



@allenws3000 perhaps not any sooner since the bug has been underwatch for months now. But you never know :slight_smile: