Video lags - hardware accaleration

Is there a fix to get normal video just like the chrome browser without the laggy bugs?
I dont want to disable my hardware accaleration, I have a very good computer and without it sites feel laggy.

Don’t want to switch back to chrome but it seems i have no choice? What is the fix for this bug?

My pc:

  • ryzen 5900x
  • 64 gb ram
  • gtx 3080
  • windows 10 + latest drivers

Youtube + chrome + hardware accaleration = works fine
Youtube + Brave + hardware accaleration = terrible

I do not have issues. But definitely, since I disabled hardware acceleration everything became much faster.
Why do you want hardware acceleration in a browser? You don’t need it.

Hey, I’m a webdeveloper and the css transform / animations are really laggy without the hardware acceleration.

So i have two options in Brave:

  • off = good youtube - bad css animations
  • on = bad youtube - good css animations
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