Video in facebook after one second stopped (every)



Only live videos are working.

Operating System and version: Windows 10 newest
Laptop: ASUS
Since Brave Version: Latest


Go into your Brave shields in the top right corner and try enabling “Allow all cookies”. Facebook requires those for its videos, and blocking them (as Brave’s shields do) can sometimes break Facebook videos. See if that helps!


Facebook videos arent playing even after allowing all cookies. help help


Thanks for the report. Its an issue with Shields blocking cross origin content. Workaround is to disable shields and play video which might not be ideal. I have logged an issue for this and can be tracked here


Hi @familaris @Blanche,

Please update your Brave to the latest version 0.23.19. This version have a fix for this Facebook video issue.

Closing this thread for now since it’s fixed with latest release.
Thanks, and feel free to open new one if you face another issue/s.

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