Video hosted by sproutvideo.Com no longer plays


Videos no longer play from sproutvideo.Com, a video hosting service. They used to up until a month or two ago. The video shows with play button. But upon pressing play the time stays at 0:00/0:00 and the screen is black.

Example site:

Other video sites play.

Brave 1.0.40
Samsung galaxy s6 sm-g920v
Android 6.0.1



Hi @Petkovsc

Does this video play in other browsers such as Chrome? Also, have you tried lowering shields to see if it plays?



Hi Lauren, thanks for the response.

Same phone, chrome plays the videos fine.

Disabling all shields results in the same behavior:
Play button changes to an animated loader, then black screen, play button changes to a pause button. Speaker notification appears. Full screen works. Video can be paused or played, yet time remains at 0:00/0:00. When playing, stays on play status until I pause it.

Incognito mode, same results.
Used to work in brave just fine since I first installed it over a year ago.



Thanks for the additional information @Petkovsc

I have logged an issue for this:

Thanks for reporting!

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