Video green screen (with sound only)


Hi guys,

This is my first post here. I couldn’t find any help in this forum related to this issue. If there is any, please forgive me, and kindly redirect me to the right post.

I have installed Brave Browser yesterday and visited the

Unfortunately, I’ve got a green screen video (with sound only). This happens with some YouTube videos as well.

I tried to fix it, but I couldn’t. My best try was to turn "Use hardware acceleration when available (requires browser restart) " in ADVANCED OPTION OFF. But it didn’t fix the problem. I can see the same page on Google Chrome Browser, but I really want to use Bravo instead.

Thank you:)


Hi @brspma

Are you still experiencing this issue?

If so, could you please provide information as per the post below so we can better assist?


Twitch/ gif green screen, only sound, with temporary fix, then Stutter at 60 fps
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