Video error, no se visualiza

Hello, good morning, I would like to report an error, you can not watch videos or youtube or other video platforms, I have tried all the solutions I have seen in the forum, deletion of cache, turn off the opponent’s option, etc.

I am running it from a TV Box X96 Air P2, with chip amlogic S905x3, Android 9.0 operating system,

I love this browser and I would like to collaborate to solve this little mistake, ask if you want more data.

I am waiting.


PS The text is translated into trasturct apologize if the translation is not very correct.

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Are you getting a specific error message or did videos just not play? At a glance, it is very likely the result of running Brave on a relatively obscure platform, such as a smart tv box.

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Hello again, thank you for your attention, I recorded a video where you can see the error of which I speak.

I have to rectify that on YouTube the majority of videos works well but in some it gives that same mistake.

I would like to add that in another browser called Kiwi does not happen to me.

This is the link of the video:

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