VERY very slow to even launch

  • I am using Windows since 1995 (Windows 95 and then Windows 98 SE). Gone are the days when we used to play around with Netscape, Mozilla, Netcaptor, Neo Planet. Hard to believe that even after almost 38 years, we do not have the browser which is a charm to work with. Wit Brave, I see lot of good intention but with pathetic execution.*

The Brave browser 1. sometimes does not launch and we have to keep on waiting for it to wake up. 2. Sometime, it launches but then hangs and become unresponsive. 3. Sometimes it launches and works nicely. The issue lies with the first two points.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Downloaded Brave Browser from their website. Brave Browser 1.9. 80 Chromium: 81.0.4044.138(Official Build) 64-bit (strangely one needs to keep on exploring their website just to know what version this browser is)
  2. Installed it as administrator
  3. Then you simply cannot launch it from the taskbar. Sometimes it launches, and sometimes not, and sometime it launches and gets hung.

Expected result:
The browser should launch at least after 5 mins or should not get hung every now and then.

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Additional Information:
Windows 7 64 bit SP 1
Processor: i3 2.27 GHz, No dedicated video card
Extension that I use (and which i must use ) are: IDE (Internet download manager ver 6.37) and Kaspersky Internet security (ver


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I had High CPU usage on a 7700k on every launch.

The only way to get rid of this is making a full backup of my password, bookmarks and Brave Wallet, clear all data from the Browser (cookies etc), uninstall Brave and clear the PC with CCleaner. Then a clean instal of Brave with only one plugin (Camelizer).

Now it’s working.

Thanks Martincom. But that is not an ideal solution in my context.

I have reinstalled Windows 7 on a new Hard disk just 2 weeks back, and browsed only for 3-4 days using Brave. Why should I clean the cache which is too insignificant in size to begin with?

Don’t think this is a solution else all will have to flush out their cache every week.

Maybe doing something with Brave settings? I know that “Hardware Acceleration” may bring some problem, try to disable it after launching. If not, try to search “how launch Chrome/Chromium faster” on Google, maybe there are some specific settings that causes this problem.

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