Very low BAT payment

I had over 17 BAT accumulated (mostly from previous months) but only receiving 10% of this value.

That’s an absurd.

What’s is going on? Please fix this.

The reason I can think of this is because the ads you watched did not get reconciled, it happens when you watch the ad and they don’t get “accepted” by the server. For next month try to leave browser opened sometimes for even few hours…

This doesn’t make any sense. The browser is supposed to keep trying to reconcile ads periodically. There’s no way someone actively using a browser several hours a day for the entire month wouldn’t have far more ads reconciled than their ‘arriving’ bat suggests. You don’t have to just let your browser sit for a few hours after your finished using it for the day. That would be absurd.

Yes, they do reconcile periodically, the thing is, if you have “broken” ads they get added to queue and it might take a while before it starts accepting new ones.

What? This is nonsense.

I already use brave for several hours on a daily basis .

Please stop spreading false information.

I suppose if a person has a large number of un-reconciled ads and the browser always tries to process oldest first the new ads might never get reconciled. But that would be such an incredibly foolish way of doing it for the reason I mentioned.

Regardless, I leave my browser open 24/7 and the “arriving” amount is far less bat than I earned this month. I update my browser almost as soon as a new version is available. Just FYI.

The failed ads if they failed on confirm they get removed and never checked again I think, so the “bad” ads are only checked once.

Im just telling you my experience, I had this issues too. You don’t have to believe me.


You’re spreading your mere hunch as solution for everyone issues as I’m seeing it in many other threads.

This is not helpful.

If you want to watch your ads rolled over everytime then sure, don’t listen to me.

Dude, I open my browser around 8 AM and only close it before sleep, everyday.

This is nonsense.

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Again, many people keep their computers running and browser open 24/7 and they still are getting very low “arriving” amounts. Not having your browser open long enough for ads to get reconciled is obviously not the problem for those people. Something else is going on.

Keep in mind you can only get a maximum of 10 ads an hour (+ new tab ads). I’m pretty sure 10 ads would get reconciled in just a few minutes.

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Please see the following thread for next steps regarding this issue:

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