Very High CPU, constantly crashing and auto close browser

From one week I have big issue. Constantly crashing and auto close the browser after opening few tabs. CPU 70-80 % hits every time. I install Mozzilla there is high memory, with Brave High CPU, Chrome dont like and dont trust. Please help me. I am using it almost one year I did not have similar issue never, even when i was opening more then 30/40 tabs…
If I install old version of Brave does will stop this?
Before always I was using extensions Google translate, Adguard and Avast Security, no problems at all. Now I tried without them, still the same high CPU followed auto-close.
I uninstall, delete folders from appdata everything. ONLY the computer is still the same.
Please help me.

PS. I dont use Sync Chain. Usually my PC works or was working very smoothly I do not want one browser to broke it down :frowning:

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