Very few brave ads

why there are rarely any brave ads on pc and android. atleast in android there are ads in brave news but in windows … nothing . how can we see more brave ads

Most likely advertisers arent having much ads running in the Region therefore lesser ads.
Check ads in your region at

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I use brave on every device . But i saw in in their article that they also use ip address to track frauds . So if i connect my phone and 2 profiles on desktop .will i get ban ?
Also my bro uses brave and obviously we are on same wifi so he uses his own zebpay . So is their any concern cause of ip address

Nah, most likely shouldn’t have issues with this.

I’ll be sharing information about Zebpay at

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IP address is used to know which ads to show you. Where this comes to play is if you’re in India but you’re constantly using USA IP to try to view USA ads, you can get flagged. While VPN alone technically isn’t enough to get people in trouble, it can be a problem if you’re using VPN to appear in other regions while you have Rewards going.

No, plenty of people have multiple accounts. The big thing to watch with this is any behavior that can look like abuse. Such as you have all those devices active and they all just happen to be active 24/7 and you’re trying to trigger the maximum amount of ads as possible. This would be seen as unusual.

If you’re just casually using the browser like most people and going about your life, you shouldn’t have any problems. Just realize they are looking for things of unusual activity and all.

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