Very basic explanations in different languages for the neophyte

Hello, it’s a great idea to offer to manage a Brave portfolio or to link to a platform like Uphold, but all that still lacks a simple explanation intended for the neophyte and in different languages, why not by videos. For example why and how to create the Brave wallet? Where is the Brave wallet physically located, on the personal computer or at Brave? What difference between this one and Uphold? If you want to popularize your browser as much as possible, you will have to bet on all these communication aspects so as to make them more accessible by very basic an shortest explanations.

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I’m on it. Do you have any idea what questions should be answered in the initial videos? I’m a one-man band, so this won’t happen overnight. I’d like your help to prepare a more complete list of questions to answer and append to the BAT Wallet tutorial.

Why should I create a Brave wallet?

How does one create a Brave wallet?

Where is the Brave wallet physically located?

What is the difference between my Brave browser wallet and the one offered by Uphold?

If you’d like answers to these questions yourself, in this thread, please let me know. I’ll be glad to answer them in text prior to the creation of the videos.