Vertically elongated icons showing in linked web info within Brave Community posts - Brave iOS 1.37

Description of the issue:

Since update to possibly Brave Browser iOS 1.36 but definitely Brave Browser iOS 1.37:

When posting a Reply within a topic at the Brave Community, and including in your Reply, a link to an article (could be at another Brave Community topic), where some web info (at the link/source) is prefetched for display in your reply . . .

If there is an icon in the upper-left corner, of that mini-display of web info, the icon is seriously elongated - vertically. Screenshots of 3 samples, follow.

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Brave iOS 1.37 (

Mobile Device details

iPhone 8

Additional Information:

Sample 1:

Not Showing Complete Web Page

Sample 2:

Brave has wiped my metamask wallet saying it was corrupted and now I can not access the certain adress that has all my tokens! - #34 by chh_68

Sample 3:

Metamask extension - #2 by 289wk

Wondering if the following issue, is related (re “displaying incorrectly”):

Same or very-similar issue:

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