Vertical tabs (sidebar) concept design for bringing Style similar to Samsung's Tizen OS and Freezing/frozen tabs

I’m Sure Most people here know about the Older Tizen OS Style but in case you haven’t seen/used it, make sure to check here

I’ve Samsung NU8000 2018 model and refuse to upgrade to a new Samsung TV just because Samsung removed this above design on their latest version of Tizen operating system and working harder on making the experience to be more like android TVs… Honestly, Samsung has destroyed the uniqueness of Tizen OS by removing the ability of switching to other apps without leaving the current app (now it seems like we need to go to a separate smart hub page, choose a app and enter that other app from there :frowning_face: )

Plus Samsung started to add OTT app bloatwares as in the form of a remote buttons which has also introduced the remote to be flat sized (which overall makes it to look average), the style which came with NU8000 is the sexiest/stylish one with no added bloatware buttons of streaming services which i don’t use and i think it’s the last remote which is not flat shaped like standard remotes and zero bloatware buttons. I would say Samsung’s new tv remote designs which comes now are normal and not at all looking special as same as NU8000. I loved this experience and since NU8000 already has excellent contrast as well as brightness, i’m not going to upgrade the tv for next 2 to 3 years(wherein with this timeframe Samsung will hopefully develop a better Tizen OS, their own game streaming service which they said and Finally that Dolby vision feature)

Alright, I’ll come to my request now, i want the Tizen OS animations on the brave browser which is the reason why i want the vertical tabs to bring in more Style like the Sexy Tizen OS as you see above

Here i drawn a concept using MS Paint to illustrate it

  • unlike other browsers, dont show the full tab name or Small icons, Use bigger size icons and bring organizing/focus into the current active window.

  • when it comes to focus, Brave should focus on tabs of a same site from across all different browser windows, if a same site is opened on 5 different browser windows and the user has opened a total of 8 different browser windows, then, if they are on window 7, the brave browser should pull up all the open tabs information of 5 different windows of a particular same site on the current active window which they are using (so they can seamlessly switch between tabs of same sites opened across various different windows without going to each different browser windows as you see on the below gif)

  • i highlighted three buttons on the first tab, right ? use these three buttons for all of the tabs presented in vertical tabs animations for Bookmarking that tab, freezing that tab and closing that individual tab

Freezing tab is more like completely killing it so memory will be fully released which is consumed by that individual tab and the reason why i highlighted the 2nd frozen tabs area to be blue is because it would be good to highlight this area by having less transparent/opacity background behind the frozen tabs with the tiny freeze icons elegantly applied in the background.

  • To make this feature futuristic, instead of supplying the feature with default ones and forcing like they are the only ones, customize it further

People who chooses to use this vertical tabs can choose from any of the following listed options :point_down:

  1. Active tabs
  2. Frozen tabs
  3. Recently Closed tabs
  4. Bookmarks of that site
  5. Pinned tabs of that site
  6. Most visited pages of that site (useful for forums)

people can choose any 4 out of 6.

Now coming to the cosmetics,

please temporarily zoom out of your browser to see more details of the Gif all at once without scrolling up and down f

open the link, and add “f” at end, brave community has image limit of 4mb so gif is not working here

  • In Windows 8.1, as you can see, there’s a tiny shadow following across all icons in the bottom of it whenever you move the mouse over them, i like it and want something like that shadow on vertical tabs as well, it will be excellent if we have installed true black theme like this

and like on the Tizen OS, please bring the pop in, zoom in focus of the active site for which a mouse heads to focus and zoom out the other site’s icons (Watch Tizen OS video to understand it better)

  • Next, add an ability to resize the width of the sidebar in real time and add a gradient color for highlights of site icons for which the tabs has been opened and mouse goes to focus(As you can see on the GIF, watch my yt video to see the colors more clearly)

watch this video for better interpretation of the above gif (i have hidden the bookmark bar for privacy)

Captured on 55 inch screen with Windows display scaling level set to 100% smaller to bring as many details as possible all at once (So don’t view this video on mobile, Use PC instead and Watch in 4k. Video duration (01:32))

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