Vertical scrollbar "sticks" (scrolls down repeatedly on single click)

Vertical scrollbar scrolls down repeatedly when clicked only once. Makes navigation near impossible.

We have logged issues for this: Scroll bar won't stop scrolling


This has been continued issue for me for over 2 months now. Windows 10 64. It says resolved on your link. Is someone still working on this?

Our new version of the browser does not have this issue, so the issue was closed as Won’t fix.
More information about Brave Core available here:

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I don’t know what the “new version” is, but this one (“no updates available”) sure does:


The last time the vertical scroll worked properly on my Windows 10 laptop was on Brave: 0.21.18. The buggy vertical scroll is an ever present problem seriously hindering the functionality of the browser. None of the releases that followed have remedied the problem. Besides loading 0.21.18 over the top of existing version, utilizing other scroll methods that avoid the vertical scroll bar is the only practical method to navigate up and down the pages.

No, it is not fixed. Why would you say it is? Win 7 here…



@albe52 @TMEdgar @tomABC @jdenbley - The “new version” @btlechowski mentioned is “Brave Core” a.k.a. version 1.0. You have to wait until the end of this year (or at least until fall this year) to see that.
Sorry for the bad news.

Thanks for the report tlaloc77. At least with Twitter it’s back to FF for a while grrr.

Of note, in the Twitter settings turning off “autoplay” for videos seems to quell the problem a bit, but it still persists. May work the same for Facebook but I closed my account there so I can’t say for sure.

Spoke too soon. Disregard my Twitter statement… problem persists.

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The scroll bar is uncontrollable as of 10-06-2018. It makes the browser unusable.

Brave: 0.24.0
V8: 6.9.427.23
rev: f657f15bf7e0e0c50a2b854c6b05edb59bfc556c
Muon: 8.1.6
OS Release: 10.0.17134
Update Channel: Release
OS Architecture: x64
OS Platform: Microsoft Windows
Node.js: 7.9.0
Brave Sync: v1.4.2
libchromiumcontent: 69.0.3497.100

Well I tried Brave again only to find that the out of control scroll issue STILL exists. i’m content using FF and newly found Vivaldi. Brave goes back on the shelf labeled “unusable”…

@albe52 and all,

You may want to try the new Brave that likely will not have this issue.

You can run it in parallel then you can import your browser data from the old Brave.

Upgrade for current 0.25.x users is coming in weeks. :slightly_smiling_face:

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