Vertical scrollbar "sticks" (scrolls down repeatedly on single click)


Vertical scrollbar scrolls down repeatedly when clicked only once. Makes navigation near impossible.


We have logged issues for this: Scroll bar won't stop scrolling



This has been continued issue for me for over 2 months now. Windows 10 64. It says resolved on your link. Is someone still working on this?


Our new version of the browser does not have this issue, so the issue was closed as Won’t fix.
More information about Brave Core available here:


I don’t know what the “new version” is, but this one (“no updates available”) sure does:



The last time the vertical scroll worked properly on my Windows 10 laptop was on Brave: 0.21.18. The buggy vertical scroll is an ever present problem seriously hindering the functionality of the browser. None of the releases that followed have remedied the problem. Besides loading 0.21.18 over the top of existing version, utilizing other scroll methods that avoid the vertical scroll bar is the only practical method to navigate up and down the pages.