Version 0.22.13 does not automatically open a web page


Using Mac OS 10.12.6. Updated Brave last night and now, clicking on a link in an email or a web page does not open a web page. To view a web page one must use File > New Window and then click on a link.


Hi @HansCastorp

I’m not able to reproduce this - could you please provide additional information?

I opened Brave, verified I was using 0.22.13, opened a webpage and clicked on a link in the webpage. The link opened fine.




I guess we’ll have to wait for other to report the issue. One of the very few times I availed myself of the Macintosh Time Machine. I moved back a few days and reinstalled the previous version Brave 0.21.24 and Brave works just fine.

If no one else reports the problem I’ll wait until the next update is issued. I’ll install that and, if the problem resurfaces, I’ll contact you and we can proceed from there.

Some additional information: If Brave in not active and I double-click the app to open it, the Brave web page does not open. If I then go File > New Window a beautiful Darrell Sano photo is displayed on my Desktop. If I am reading an email and I double-click on an embedded link, the web page does not open unless I go to File > New Window and then double-click on the link.

I should add that Bravo is my default Browser and has been for several years. This is the first time I’ve encountered any problem. also, I have NOT installed any new software, but did perform the Macintosh Security Update 2018-002 a few days ago. Even with that update, however, Brave 0.21.24 works as it always has.

Let me know if there’s any additional info I can provide - short of reinstalling Brave 0.22.13, that is. (;op


I’m having similar problems. Running OS 10.13.3. Brave V0.22.13. I have to “close” Brave then reopen to access the web. Also, on Twitter and/or Gab I’m not able to open some links and even when I can I’m not able to scroll. It’s as if the page is frozen.


Uh oh! I spoke too soon. The problem IS present in 0.22.13!

If I open Brave then close the Brave window, the only way I can view the Brave Desktop again is to either Quit and reopen Brave or use File > New Window. Is there some error log that would help us find put what’s going on?

I’m starting to suspect that the Mac Security Update 2018-002 might be the culprit.

Any and all suggestions would be most welcome.

Just to make sure I’m communicating clearly. Here’s what I mean by the Brave Window/Desktop



A suggestion. If you could reinstall Brave 0.21.24 and see if that eliminates the problem. I found the easiest way to do that it to use Time Machine and and install the “old” Brave but also keep the 0.22.13 one. I found that you can then switch back and forth to see if the problem is strictly related to 0.22.13.


Hold the phone!


I misspoke. I can’t explain how it happened, but Brave 0.22.13 seem to have reinstalled itself and I was running the “new" Brave when I thought it was the old one.

I’ve now reinstalled version 0.21.24 AND kept 0.22.13 and can compare the two. The older version does, indeed, work properly.

Sorry for the misinformation.



I’m not running Time Machine anymore. Can I download that version from the Brave website?


Exactly the same for me in OS 10.13.4. Also, if I’ve minimised Brave (0.22.13) to the dock, I can’t open it again by left-clicking so I have to right-click on the icon and choose New Window.

With the link issue, it connects to a URL okay – when I finally got it to display, I could see the repeated tabs where I’d clicked more than once in frustration – it just won’t show the window. The alternative to opening a new window was quitting Brave every time instead of minimising.



Time Machine to the rescue! I retrieved 0.21.24 AND let version 0.22.13 remain. The version retrieved via Time Machine is then labelled “Brave (original)”. You can place that version in the dock and all should be well. If you want/need to trouble-shoot 0.22.13 it’s then available for testing. Hope this helps.


I think this might be the issue you’re facing -


@bapdco1 it is available from our github repo:


Thank you, Lauren. I’m a computer novice. When I go to that link do I download each asset individually? Or, is there one specific asset?


Thanks – I’ll roll it back until there’s a fix in a future update.


Hi @bapdco1

If you’re on macOS you’ll want the .dmg file.

Do note that Brave updates automatically, so if you shut Brave down, it will update to 0.22.13.




Yes, that’s it.


Thank you, again, for all your help. The newest version has done screwy things to my whole internet experience. But, I’m sure I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know. :).


Yeah. It works. Now have the older version. Now to see if I still have the issues caused by 22.13…



I think I’ve found a way around the automatic update after you quit Brave. In the “Get Info” for Brave I locked the application. See attached screen shot:

Even with the app locked it appears to be working, but does not update automatically.


Thank you for that tip. I couldn’t work out how to stop it.

I hate automatic updates on anything and always disable them. There needs to be an “ask me first” option in Brave.