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Hi! So, I’m creating a new website on I tried to verify it, however, I need to install a plugin. When I attempted to install the plugin on my new website, asked me to pay to enable plugins. Is there a way to circumvent this and get verified on a free domain? I don’t want to spend if I really have too. After all, that website I created is more like of a portfolio for novels that I’ve edited.

Sadly no. Free site is not supported. You need in order to verify it.

That sucks. So really is way inferior based on my research. Haha. Especially if you’d want to grow. But are you aware if the free is better?

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This one @zaindeveras :point_up:

You can’t verify free,, or site.

If you want your site using WordPress, you can considering using self-hosted WordPress site. Or like you mentioned in your original post, you can upgrade your plan so you can have and/or ability to add plugin.

I see, oh well, guess my website has to wait then. Hahaha. Thanks!