Verifying Brave on YouTube

My operating system is Windows 10. I’m using both the Brave and Brave Dev browsers.

I came across two issues today. First, I want to promote Brave on YouTube through cards. This requires Brave to be a verified website on YouTube, which it is not. I have all of the directions for verifying Brave and hope that someone can assist me with this. Maybe someone capable of doing this can reach out to me on Twitter? I’d really appreciate it… my Twitter handle is @NationYTOFL

Dan reached out to me but unfortunately I never got a response when I had questions previously.

These are the steps that must be done according to YouTube in order to allow me to advertise Brave through cards

Secondly, I lost nearly all of my Brave rewards yesterday among other issues. I know it’s not related to this issue that I’m writing about, but considering that I’m sharing Brave with thousands of my viewers, it’s disappointing that these issues are occurring. I would really like to sort them out in order to continue promoting Brave, as I like the product when everything is working fine. Hopefully that issue gets fixed soon.


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