Verify wallet...need 25 MTD

Hi i have 5,250 BAT and as im trying to verify wallet ir says i need 25 MTD what does it mean? I thought i only needed 5 BAT to ler me verify wallet but its nota happenning…please help


Wait. Which local is this? A translation issue @Mattches?

@Portuga1 it should be 25 BAT.


Hi im in portugal

Obter o Outlook para Android


Can you share a screenshot of the message as it appears on your end? It must be a translation issue.


Hello! i have exactly same problem!!!
was it an translation problem?

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Are you absolutely certain this is the correct link you are being referenced to download… this seems to be a app for secure access to communication tool and features within your device

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have you already completed the (uphold) account verification process @Portuga1

Brave Browser

If not then this may b a potential issue with utilising the push notification feature to verify wallet thru browser client side access link in the given case you are experiencing.``... just a prospect 😁

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I have the same problem