Verify problems

Hi all!

I hope someone can help me. I’ve trying to get my website verified for weeks now ( first i used the Wordpress plugin, but that didn’t seem to work. So i uploaded the file manually. Still after days i’ve keep getting the message that the file can’t be find. I removed it several times and reinstalled again. But dont know what else to try. However on my other website, with exact the same lay-out/Wordpress options i had no problems. I used the plugin and IT was verified very fast. ( The only difference is the web host. Anyone know how i can get .com website verified as well?

Thank you!

Why is this spam, this is the support topic and i ask if someone can help with this. Read other posts but nothing helped. So i Don know why u are complaining.

Hi @Mrscryptofreak,
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You may want to try the DNS record method. It’s easier IMHO and should works.

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