Verify my wallet

Hello, I just need to know are my wallet verify, how use to look’s like, does show the Price BAT , because mine doesn’t!And how to verify for mobille!!! Thank you!

You can check to see if your wallet has been verified in reward settings. It will say verified wallet above your current BAT balance. You should have also received an email from Uphold.


You current cannot link mobile devices to Uphold. However, Android devices will soon have this functionality in a couple of weeks, shouldn’t take past June. For iOS, it is still a couple of months away.

I’m not sure I understood your other questions, could you clarify them for me?

I asked for bonus for registration, but I don’t know is it from brave or uphold!!! About 7.50$!!
My wallet is not verified!!! That why there is not rewards!!!?

Thanks for the clarification.

You can check your referrals through the link below. You do need to have a verified Uphold wallet. Please bear in mind that it takes 30 days for your referrals to become confirmed, at which point they are paid out in the next payout date.

No, I don’t have any rewards, no bonus!!

May I verify my wallet from the mobille,???

It’s my understanding that you cannot currently link a wallet on mobile devices. However, Android will soon have this functionality implemented within the coming weeks. For iOS this is still a couple of months off.

Now I see it’s working, I will verify my wallet, when it’s ready for mobille, I don’t have other option!! Thank you for your help!!! Thank you

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