Verify my bolgspot site?

Is it possible to verify my bolgspot account???

Hi @packard1,

For now, you need your own domain in order to do verification.

Brave not support free or site yet.

Supported platform is website, YouTube and Twitch channel. Reddit and Twitter is coming.

now i have a youtube channel.and it is written:Congratulations on verifying your channel
but how i can get bat?on this site is written this costumer is no it not possible to send my bats to this site or just from other ppl???

It takes up to 48 hours for your browser to sync to the new verification list, so please wait up to 48 hours for your channel to show up verified on your browser. Thanks!

thanks a lot for information

now it is more than 48 hours still not show up us a verified user??!!
At my Brave rewards site i can see :
Heinz Rz added 2019-02-16
what i can do`??

Can you give us your website name so we can check it on our side?

Also, try restarting your browser!

Hello,this is my channel :

And you you know why my channel dont work.still there is written no verify???

I can confirm that your channel is verified:

The issue is just with the URL you are using to view your channel. Notice how it contains ?view_as=subscriber at the end. If you remove that, it will work properly. (It will also show verified if you are on an individual video, not on the channel page.) The view_as=subscriber bug is known, and we have the fix for it shipping in an upcoming release.


thanks a lot for information.But why i cant see my 123 Bat???

why you can see 123 bat and at my wallet i just see 9,5 Bat ??

@packard1, 123 BAT on screenshots is Chris’s own BAT. It’s a user wallet (brave://rewards) showing his fund. It’s different from publishers one.

i have a other question.My friend she download the brave Browser with this link after 20 minuntes at the REFERRAL PROMO the download was not shown? why it is like this???

at my Brave Rewards account for Creators i had 84 Bats but today i looked and it was just 48,45 why it changed???

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