Verify Gemini account on Android phone

On verifying wallet on my Android phone, the only available option is Uphold.
On my laptop I have already sync Brave with Gemini, is this funcionality been developed for cellphones?
Anyone could activate Gemini wallet on Android?

if you read their release it states that gemini in android will be in a future release. also this should not be a feature request.

Have read the release just trying to find out roughly what is the time frame for Android Gemini wallets verification? What time scale are they using? Since the release statement I have had from memory 4 updates (possibly 5) to Android Brave. How far in the future are we talking about is my query?

Still waiting for someone to come back with even a little bit of information on approximately when this will be available on Android. All I have heard is “a couple of months” and “a future update” so I am repeating my question again in the hope that someone from Brave is listening…any information on when this will be available on Android?

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