Verify and link with Uphold instead of BitFlyer

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Before BitFlyer came into the picture, I got my wallets on various computers linked to my Uphold account and correctly verified. However, I bought a new computer recently and wanting the installed Brave Browser to my Uphold account doesn’t work as I keep getting redirected to BitFlyer.

Yes I am in Japan at the moment, but in no way do I want to open a new account and certainly not a BitFlyer account when I am already an Uphold account holder and have had browsers on other machines already linked to it.

How do I get brave to not use my geo-location but rather to direct me to Uphold linkage instead?

Thank you for your help.

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If you have ever linked four devices to your Uphold wallet, you won’t be able to link any more. Uphold limits you to four devices/profiles per lifetime. Even if you unlink a device from your Uphold account, you don’t regain that allotment. Only your first four devices will ever be able to contribute to your Uphold wallet.


Ah I see. That makes sense. So I just have to prioritize which one of my computers I use the most.

Thank you so much @rosiecar.

Kind regards.

First, there is no way you can avoid geographical location; that’s how it works for the security purposes . Secondly, It will be impossible for you access it through different devices again for your safety, the system knows your hard drive device. I might be wrong.

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