Verified Wallet on Brave Rewards (Android) and nothing arrived in Uphold where are the 50 BAT?

Finally got around to verifying my wallet yesterday on the android app to an existing Uphold account and nothing arrived - balance is 0 in Uphold although I have almost 50 BAT

Brave version is 1.22.69 Chromium: 89.0.4389.105 running on a Samsung S10+

in rewards-internals I can see that
Wallet Info
Wallet info seed : valid
Wallet created 12/04/2020 14:35:45

Balance info
Total balance 49.75 BAT
Rewards BAT 49.75 BAT
Uphold Wallet 0 BAT

External wallet info
Wallet Status : verified

Can anyone shed any light what steps need to be taken to get the uphold wallet to recognise the funds.



Please see Fix for BAT not porting to Uphold wallet for more information

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Thanks for the link, unfortunately that did not work for me although it states upgrade to 1.22.67 I am already on a later release 1.22.69 will the fix only work with the earlier version? How do I proceed to get this resolved?

And what if you try force stopping the app, clearing the cache (NOT the data), and restart the browser, @peterod ? Does it help?

Thanks for the suggestion, yes I have stopped the app and cleared the cache also disconnected from uphold and reconnected but that still didnt work either. Is there anything else to try?

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Unfortunately, I’ve exhausted my advice on this topic. These fixes and troubleshoot don’t help everyone with the similar issue as you, but it’s always worth trying.

Now, we just wait for support to pop in. @steeven seems to be the main handler of these kind of issues right now, so you’ll probably be hearing from him soon. (I’d wait to DM him until he requests it, as he probably has a high volume of DMs right now and yours could get lost.)

I’m sorry I couldn’t help you more, but I’m sure this will get resolved soon :slight_smile:

OK thanks for all your help I will await contact from support.

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Is your device running a customized ROM or is the device rooted? Please go-to the Google store and install Safety Net Check and see if your device passes it’s checks

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No, the device has never been rooted and is running standard rom with all updates and security patches as provided by provider (3). Downloaded safety net and result was Passed. Is there anything else to try?

You’ll have to wait for admin to further troubleshoot, if no solution is available they will send rewards to your uphold account

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OK thanks. More worryingly the rewards have now disappeared from my account altogether. I Wwill await admin to review and resolve.

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@peterod - I’m also on 1.22.69 on Android and have BAT on the browser not transferring to uphold.

How did you disconnect your uphold account?

Hi @RacheSky, the latest version for Android is
Can you update to it?

Hi @saereV , thanks for the heads up, I have now updated. I now see an option to “disconnect from Brave Rewards”. Do I need to do that? Or just wait?

Hi @RacheSky, I personally would wait and see what will happen in the next few days before trying to dis-/ reconnect (although, if a Brave staff member advises you otherwise, I’d defer to that as they’d have more experience than I).

The post said it could take several days for transactions to go through, and that if there should be some issue still, you could reach out to Support directly. I’m willing to give it to the end of the week at least, to see how it goes. :crossed_fingers:

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Am also on latest android version 1.22.71 but no sign of my BAT rewards in the app or in the uphold wallet.

Hi @peterod , I’m not sure if I’ve posted this to a thread you’ve been on, or if you’ve seen it already but…

…I’m going to give it some time, til the end of the week at least, to see if there’s been any changes. If you don’t see anything in that time frame, there are instructions on DMing Support there, if your issue isn’t cleared up, but :crossed_fingers:

Edit: so I was able to claim my BAT on my Android, no problems. I’ll check my desktop soon.

Edit2: So my payout finished with no issues, on both Android and Desktop. The only thing I am left to wonder about is that my monthly statement shows no activity. I’m waiting to see if this changes.
[Win10, at brave://rewards, under Rewards Summary]

I’ve had similar and also noticed some strange behaviour.

You say your app says 50 BAT but Uphold says 0, try moving 1 BAT to that card and I bet the app will now say 51.

It seems to link up ok but won’t allow a withdraw.

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Thanks for your suggestion but since posting the 50 BAT have now disappeared and showing as claimed with now a 0 balance.