Verified wallet on Android minumin BAT

Hi When i want verify my wallet on my Android Device ( i am italian user ), i click on triangle and Verify wallet, but show up a message ( you need 25 bat minumum to verify ). Of course on my device i have installed uphold app and on my account i have more then 25 BAT. Why i cannot verified my wallet ?

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Mobile Device details
Samsung note 10 plus — Android 10

Thank you so much for help me

Hi @shinpo, Welcome to Community!
Can you share with me a screen shot of your browser wallet balance, as-well as the 25 BAT message you’re seeing?

Hi Aaron of course.

it’ s in italian language

So it looks like you don’t have 25 BAT in your wallet.
You said you have more than 25, where do you see that BAT?

I have added more then 25 bat on my uphold account as you can see in image below. On my phone i have installed the UPHOLD app and i did the login

How i can verify my account as i did with brave on my desktop ?

Okay, so you have 25+ on your desktop wallet, I see.
Unfortunately, you can’t verify you mobile wallet unless you have 25 BAT in that mobile wallet. The UI to verify should not appear until you reach 25 BAT.
We know this can be an inconvenience and we have had requests to change this/allow old wallets to be removed - we’re working on it.

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Ok perfect now everything it’s clear.
I will wait for your resolution.

Thank you so much Aa-ron have a nice day

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