Verified Uphold Wallet Did Not Receive Full Payout

I received far below my BAT payment. 0.25 when it should have been upwards of 2.3 BAT. Is there an explanation for this? Should I wait until next payout and expect to see the difference alongside the next payout?

better to wait this pay out to finish first.

So I should treat it like a delay when there was already a 2 day delay after the day count to payout was finished?

Not delay. It starts at 7th and takes few days. You may check from here: Ads Payout Status Update

I have never been paid out in installments. The count was 6 days on the rewards page as of Dec 1st, and now 4 days after the count has finished I received the underpayment. It normally takes 2 days after the count to payout has finished. Today is the 10th, an extra 2 days, and I received the underpayment of 0.25 at around 12 midnight. Are you qualified to explain this sequence of events while telling me “It’s not a delay”?

It normally takes 2 days after the count to payout has finished.

Sometimes 2 sometimes 3.
Payments Processing means its not finished yet. When you see Payments Completed then you have a problem. But for now just wait.

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Fair and valid point

Full BAT accounted for. Just received full payment.

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