Verified Twitter channel doesn't receive tips

I have tried before to get a solution for this… I cannot receive tips thru my twitter channel . Most users that try to send me tips via Twitter say I appear as unverified . All of them are not in the same country as I am , but geography shouldn’t be an issue right? I have gone thru the all KYC, I have an Uphold wallet , my creators account is up to date ( well i do experience referral issue, but that’s something else ). So …Tell me how can I receive tips thru my twitter channel

Can you DM me the email that is associated with your Creator account so that I can take a look on my end and see what may be going on?

It has been a while…any chance you have identified a problem? I have DM you . Will I be able to receive tips ? Is my account working ?

Any updates ? My situation still persists

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