Verified device limit reached

Hi I take this error trying reach verified account.
Error: Device limit reached Your wallet cannot be verified because you have reached the maximum verified device limit.

I have a 2 PC only and i formatted directly without uninstall or unverify my vallet from brave nightly browser. I only use Brave Nightly version for that. 1 Program and 1 Wallet on 2 PC.

How to delete all slots and re-verify my vallet on both PCs.

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you can use this to reset 1 device How to submit a wallet unlinking request

Hi @HighPriestess42 Are they remove whole linkings because i have 1 wallet only. i use my only 2 pcs uses with same wallet. Not more. I’m do the Format the system many of times without unverifiy the wallet.

Thanks for info. I’m tried that.

The problem is you are trying to connect your device to Uphold correct? Uphold only allows 4 lifetime device limits and this includes reformatting or installing different instances of brave such as nightly etc. So any time you connect a device to Uphold it counts as a slot. Even if it is the same computer, Uphold/brave sees it as a new device. When using the unlinking form it will just remove a random inactive device no longer being used that you do not supply the wallet ID for. Basically if you know the wallet ID and submit it, it is telling them you wish to keep that wallet. Otherwise any other ID they find that you do not supply is telling them to remove as those are the ones you no longer have access to. I hope this helps and not sure if it entirely answered your question.

i have access my uphold account and i take my uphold id. and send them. I don’t want to access my old rewards. I only want to re-link my Brave to Uphold. I understood your said all of things. If they delete all my 4 slot and i will re-link my whole slot. I will be happy. if they delete one. So be it. I live with one PC. Other PC uses Chrome or without with reward.

Thank you for answer and kindness.

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I tried this but don’t solved.

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We are working through the large volume of these requests and appreciate your patience.

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