Verified Brave contributor tips go into space never seen again

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Brave Contributor tips going to space

Contributor Page:

Contributor: Crazy Oddy (Myself)

Sent myself a contributor tip of 1 BAT, it left my brave wallet balance but never returned to my uphold youtube brave contributor wallet/card

Wallet should have had 1 BAT in it

Windows 10

Brave Version:
Version 1.5.115 Chromium: 80.0.3987.149 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Hey there – self-tipping is disabled in the Rewards system, which explains why you never got this tip. Apologies for the inconvenience! I’d be happy to refund you the 1 BAT if you send me your brave://rewards-internals data in a PM (don’t share this info with anyone else)

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I also posted e similar problem and PM you about that. can you please give an eye on it. Missing Self Tipping

This one @suny24x7 :point_up:

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oky. I learned it after joining this channel. In previous month I was able to withdraw some BAT. I didn’t got any information about Self Tipping disable from this month. So now my 20 BAT is gone forever? @eljuno

Is any one here to help me?

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