Verified accounts not showing as verified

2 out of 4 content creator accounts are not showing as verified.

All 4 accounts were linked and created at the same time and they all show in my publisher account

Yet when browsing the site they do not show me as a ‘verified creator’

Would anyone have any tips please?

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Can anyone take a look please?

Same issue here

My YouTube channel showing verified status in my account but it is showing “Unverified” to my viewers

This needs to be fixed

Seems like there’s a new problem every month

Disappointing to say the least.

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Bump again
Does brave support actually exist these days? :thinking:

Now NONE of my accounts are showing as verified…

Seriously, what is the point in having somwth6in place if:

  1. It doesn’t work
  2. There is zero support from the Dev team

Can anyone, at all, help with this?

Why are my accounts not showing as verified?
Why did 2 show as verified and now they don’t?
Are my accounts verified? Dashboard says yes. The actual sites say no?

Same is the case here.It’s still persisting since weeks.None of the followers can contribute.

And now I can’t even log in to my creator account…
Same issue as here

Really poor. Almost funny now.
User support is none existing.
Genuinely thinking about switching away from Brave, just to avoid silly little frustrations that should be easily remedied.

One last cry for help.
Do any mods / Devs / admin read these boards ???

And another cry for help please.

Hi @RichWallace, I’ll send you a DM.
If anyone else here is still having problems, please create a new topic or send me a DM.