Verified account but Withdrawal button isn't there

I have been Brave user for 2+ years and it still fascinates me that you can’t take our the BAT you earned.

I verified my account using my passport on Uphold(green verified sign is there on Brave as well). However I see Rewards Setting instead of Withdraw button. How can I withdraw my BAT to another BAT address please (not to Bank account) ? This is has been very energy draining process. Help please.

[Version 1.11.104 Chromium: 84.0.4147.105 (Official Build) (64-bit)

You make withdrawls from uphold’s site.

I got an email from Uphold saying I need to speak to Brave… Isn’t there one company responsible for it ?

Ok… your edit shows the real problem… Brave shows you have bat, and doesn’t show anything… It should be your uphold account shows the same thing that brave does, and this case, you make a withdrawl from uphold’s site… You have to set up a ‘bank’ account and you withdraw using the brave card to the bank account. It takes about 5 days to complete and if you use 2 factor on your bank account, you’ll have to disable it…

As far as your real problem… @Mattches … help?

Edit: The brave rewards part is cut off at the top… does it say ‘Wallet verified’?

Can’t I withdraw my BAT to a crypto exchange instead of cashing it out to my bank account ? I would rather have it on stable coin than USD.

should be able to provided you solve your actual problem…

1.Click on reward Setting
2.It will take you to the official reward page.
3.The pay out date is within the next 7 days from today claim your earnings at that time.

I already claimed rewards for one year. The issue is withdrawing BAT out of BRAVE to my other crypto exchanges ( i dont want to withdraw it to Bank account. I don’t want that).

I have a withdrawal button now (which is in the Reward settings. Wierd. )

Now when I click withdraw, it took me to uphold page. And it shows me I have 0 BATs even if I have a verified account.

I just wanted to let you know, I work and breath crypto but taking out BAT out of BRAVE is insanely difficult user experience. How are we expecting a non crypto users to go all this really bad UX ? Seriously!

Just wait for the payout date and on that day claim your BAT and transfer the amount to your Uphold account and from the Uphold account you can transfer your earnings to different cryptocurrency.

Of course you can. But for this you need to have a verified Uphold account.

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