Verification status

I had previously requested you to provide me some helpful ideas so that i can make my channel verified.

I have sent an image please see this and help me verifying this channel.
I had signed in 2-3 days ago.
Please help me verify the channel so that i can also earn BAT.

Did you sign up as a brave creator?

I had gone to an

Are you listening to me?
Please reply me!
I had replied you on the topic…

I just checked your channel is verified. but you haven’t set up your account to receive contributions.
hope you are having a great day :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot sir
I have one more question
That i have not got any referrals link how can i earn money please help me explaining it

currently the referral program has ended. they have distributed more than $12 million. but brave has said another program is on the way in 2021 so we will have to wait and see. until then you can earn money through contributions.

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