Verification Problem


I am Yeasin I have created the publisher account and also installed the software on my pc.

I have also created UPHOLD account and verified. I have linked my youtube channel to verify. The channel has verified but It shows me that my uphold account is not verified when it is verified on uphold!

Here are the screenshots.

Looking for your answers.

Thank You!

Hi @yeasin4,

Can you try disconnect and reconnect your Uphold with your publisher account again?

cc @asad for assistance here.

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Hello, I intend to be a programmer for publishers. How do I link a ‘wallet’ that isn’t managed by Uphold? Any tip would be greatly appreciated!

Hi @allthingsgo,
For now, you can’t. You only can link your Uphold account in order to receive the contribution.

The team is exploring other option, like CIVIC for KYC, so publisher can use their own wallet.


On the publisher.basicattentiontokens site ( where I enabled many of my ‘parking’ site, does it take username instead of email? I can’t seem to remember every time what is my ‘linked’ email… bummer! since I’m on so many different places with different hats wearing at any given time… this is confusing… still wait for uphold to verify my acct.

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